How Many Bugs on YOUR Windshield?

Ahhh, Spring…

Beautiful weather, more time spent in sun-shiny daylight…and a barrage of bug carcasses on your windshield.

At this point, I am cranking an average of 600+ miles on my Honda CR-V weekly, much of it spent on highways. With each passing mile, numerous bug angels earn their wings. The backbeat of  insects drumming against my windshield is staggering.

After several stops for gas, without clearing it, I realized that not doing so only made my journey more difficult.

Instead of smooth, clear sailing, I have found myself having to adjust my fields of vision to read signs, admire the scenery, and decide whether or not that blotch in the distance is really a cop car.

I have since decided that I will clean the windshield every chance I get, increasing the odds of safer travel, arriving at each destination with less distraction.

So, how many bugs are on your windshield these days?

Are you driving safely and swiftly toward your goals, or are you peering though a bug-spattered field of debris, trying to find the one clear-spot to see through?

Perhaps it is time to pull over, pause for a cause and make life easier for yourself by clearing the view.

Who knows?

You might actually find a better way to reach your next destination.

Steve Gamlin


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