Leader of the Pac, Man!

Several weeks ago, Google offered up a version of the classic video game Pac-Man on their home page. According to a study by RescueTime, this little experiment conducted by Google managed to cost the working world just over 4.8 million man-hours (an average of 36 seconds per user).

36 seconds of wasted time per worker….oh, the humanity!

In the early 1980’s, the Pac-Man phenomenon vaulted the game into the stratosphere of video game history. It was nice to see someting I loved so much in my youth (which cost me a small fortune in paper-route money) reappear in my life at age 42.

Did I manage to join the rest of the world during Google’s one-day experiment? No, I did not. I was on the road that day.

However, I did manage to try it several days later, as I reluctantly shuffled through a frustrating stack of paperwork on my cluttered desk.

I probably fell somewhere in the 36-second range, as I quickly learned that my Pac-Man skills have not improved much since my 12th birthday.

However, the smile that came from the experience lasted far longer.

I didn’t lose 36 seconds, I gained a valuable boost in energy that powered me through a challenging afternoon, and shifted the tide in my battle against the dreaded paperwork monsters.

Would you be willing to ‘waste’ 36 seconds today, and dance around the dullness with a sense of renewed energy?

Is there an activity you enjoyed in your youth, which could make a reappearance on today’s agenda?

Maybe a game of hide and seek in the company cafe? 

Or a paper-football championship on the conference room table?

Perhaps a few water-balloons could leave the 4th-floor windows in search of trash-can targets in the parking lot?

Put some play in your day, and inject some much-needed fun and energy!

Home page: http://InspiredBySteve.com


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