Never Nudge a Porcupine When You’re Barefoot

We have a prickly dilemma.

Two porcupines have taken up residence under the shed. As I moved my truck the other night, they used their stage-time in my headlights to say “Thank you very much Dunbarton, you’re beautiful…good night!” as they waddled back to their hiding place.

My first decision was to make a lot of noise and nudge them off into the woods. Problem is, I was barefoot. After wasting a few minutes chastising these rodents for invading my yard, I went in for my boots. By the time I returned, they had safely escaped.

I should have gotten my boots right off the bat and not wasted my time being ineffective. ‘Guiding’ and shoo-ing a porcupine when you’re barefoot is just inviting pain and trouble. I should know better.

We all should.

Yet how many of us do things (on a regular basis) that we know could hurt us, but we do them anyway, when we know we could have made a better choice in the first place?

We wait to long to pay attention to the due dates on our bills, and we suffer a late penalty or damage to our credit rating.

We ignore the fuel warning light in the car and play gas-gauge roulette, then have to trudge the walk of shame with a small gas can.

We eat that food that we know is not good for us, causing our waistlines and cholesterol readings to increase, trimming precious minutes from our lives.

Why do we do this?  I don’t know.

What I do know is this: we make a choice to do these things. And perhaps we should be more aware as we are making the choices.

The next time you come to one of these situations which could cause pain (e.g. a porcupine), ask yourself these questions: 

1) Am I making the right choice with this porcupine?

2) Am I barefoot?

3) What action can I take to get something done, with the least pain, right now?


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