My Favorite Manager-Moment!

Saturday was a major day for me as a Boston Red Sox fan. Daniel Nava, a baseball player who has overcome long odds to even get a shot at a major-league at-bat, achieved a nearly impossible feat. 

On the FIRST pitch of his FIRST appearance at the plate at the major league level…he swung a mighty bat and cracked a grand slam home run.

As he trotted around the bases, his new teammates high-fived, whooped and hollered in the dugout. 
My favorite moment: Red Sox manager Terry Francona (whom I respect tremendously) was waiting for him on the TOP step of dugout, HUGE smile on his face, clapping and cheering as loudly as anyone else at Fenway Park.
With a mighty handshake and a pat on the backside, he let his new employee know that what he’d just done was an outstanding accomplishment. 
In business, and in life, are WE doing our jobs as managers and authorities to celebrate those around us? 
Do we show our excitement and appreciation for the magic moments? 
Are we there for those who try and fail, to share our empathy and give support for their next effort? 
Terry Francona does this, and does it well. 
And that is a major league lesson for us all!

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