Paying It Forward, With Interest!

Recently in New Hampshire, something amazing happened.  A 55-year-old man received a backpack as a gift, and found an additional gift waiting inside: a wallet belonging to a young woman who had recently returned the backpack.

Here comes the amazing part: the man not only contacted her and returned the wallet, he secretly inserted $150 and a note wishing her well, and asked her to do something to pay it forward.

It didn’t take her long to do so. On her way home last week she noticed signs for a bone-marrow drive, in the hopes of finding a match to help a local father of three who is suffering from leukemia.

She was one of over 300 people who stopped to register.

Stories like this warm my heart and make me smile.  For all the negative news which is reported daily, these events shine brightly and give me hope for a society reeling from a down economy and stress.

Is there a way YOU can pay it forward this week?

Can you find opportunities to do something nice to help someone else, even a complete stranger?

The feeling is incredible, and the rewards are never-ending!


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