Is Short-Term Gain Worth Long-Term Pain?

Please pardon my crass use of the English language…but some days the economy sucks.

I am self-employed, happy to have the work I have (which I am struggling to get), but the forecasts are not always rosy.

That being said, I flat-out refuse to compromise my ethics in order to cash in, so that I can pay my bills.

It has nothing to do with the threat of spending all eternity swimming in the hot-tub fires of hell. It has everything to do with the way I was raised by my parents and grandparents, who schooled me in the Golden Rule: “do unto others what you would like done to you”.

In my own industries (motivational speaking and entertainment), I am hearing too many stories of  ‘professionals’ who, for lack of a more accurate term, are screwing their clients over, big time.

Several entertainment agencies have closed their doors, leaving brides without DJ’s and bands, and are even refusing to pay their talent for events they already performed!.

A photography company was recently featured in the news, owing clients over $100,000 in compensation and photos.

I find it hard to believe that these people have always done business in this manner. I could be wrong, but I have hope.

My own agent, who has taken a big hit despite 30+ years in the industry, will not compromise himself. Our regular over-the-phone pep talks confirm this.

 He weathered two cancellations recently due to the deaths of grooms-to-be, and his first thought was to return the deposits to help the families.  There was never a question of doing otherwise, despite the financial hole it created for him.

From what I am hearing, some other companies have not been so understanding.

It seems the economy has been causing some people to make decisions they may not have made otherwise.

I must ask, though: is short-term gain really worth the long-term pain of being caught and ostracized?

Would you be able to live with the knowledge that you knowingly shafted someone?

I can’t.

Bottom line: Golden Rule.


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