Life Is Much More Fun After the Laughter

Last night I got to enjoy an amazing experience.

A great friend of mine received a prestigious award. And, unbeknownst to her, I was there just outside the room to hear it.

As the ceremony wound down, we adjourned upstairs to the lounge with half a dozen others. The next 90 minutes were spent in non-stop laughter, as we each chimed in with stories, jokes, observations, etc.

I’m not talking about small chuckles, we fired up some gut-busting laughs until two of the women ‘snorked’ through their noses. You know, that snorting laugh that acts as lighter fluid on a barbecue…WHOOMPH!

We tackled subjects ranging from the bar-fly mosquito who seemed hell-bent on sipping our drinks to bad 70’s music to pre-recording messages for our own funerals.

It wasn’t forced. It wasn’t fake. It was a group of people laughing and celebrating without a care in the world.

And you know what?

It felt great.

I need to remember to create more of these silly moments into my life.

I just realized I have spent the last 2 nights laughing (had a comedy reunion with old friends the previous night), and have arisen with a huge smile in the morning mirror.

How can you add some laughter into your world today?

Is there someone you know who could really use a laugh?

Perhaps you can be the one to provide it.

Remember: life is much more fun, after the laughter!

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One comment

  1. Steve – You know how busy I am right? Well, is my quest to find something for my article, I happened upon this lovely blog you wrote and could not help but laugh remembering the night of the award especially since I was so out of it that night! I am glad I was able to make you laugh for once! Since you are always making me laugh and smile. Thank you so much for everything! The best thing is the world is having great friends like you in my life! Love ya!

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