When Your Bow-Tie Falls In The Toilet!

If I was a cat, I’d be a well-dressed cat…and one of my nine lives would have just been redeemed. 

In addition to speaking, I have been a professional emcee/entertainer for nearly 17 years. This past weekend heralded a ‘first’. While donning my tuxedo in the men’s room at a local country club, I reached for my bow-tie to complete my ensemble. As I did, a scene reminiscent of the childhood game Mouse Trap unfolded. 

My knuckle caught the door handle, causing me drop the tie. In an effort to snatch it mid-air, I grabbed the strap and not the body of the tie, which spun it wildly. I finally caught it as it hovered in a classic Wile E. Coyote pose (Yikes!) over a bowl of deep-blue water. 

Whew!  (missed it by ‘that much’

So…what if it HAD splashed down into the porcelain abyss? Would I have worn it? Probably not. Then what would I do? Would the day be ruined?

Over a tie?  No. My job is to play music and make announcements. 

But, how many of us allow the most minute details ruin our days? It’s almost as if we cannot function unless everything is perfect

Our desk needs to be spotless, or at least everything on it must be in its perfect spot. so that we can even think. 

The new business cards are not ready yet? Uh-ohhhh…better go back to bed. 

Didn’t shave this morning? Socks don’t match?  Oh no, the day is RUINED!! 

Perfection is a myth. In my business (speaking and entertaining), chaos is 30 seconds away at all times. It is how we react to the situations that will spell success or doom.

Do we stay ‘in the game’ and keep moving forward, or give up? 

I have seen people drive their lives off the deep end over the smallest inconveniences. 


Hey, I am here. You are here.  Let’s make the best of every situation and get this day happening in a great way!

Let’s focus on the things that are going well, which could lead us to even better things.

Who cares if your bow-tie falls in the toilet now and then? 

To learn more about Steve’s presentations and materials, or to meet his speaking partners, please visit the following sites: http://InspiredBySteve.com     http://JigsawConsulting.org


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