Waterfront Office Property, Anyone??

Have you arrived at work yet today? I have, and the weather report says I’m due for a morning full of AWESOME!

For a mere $5 (unless I arrive before 8am, then it’s free), I get to enjoy an amazing view outside my ‘office’ window. Matter of fact, there are no windows, no doors, no ceiling, and no cubicle walls.

The view from my Vermont office!

And who are my office-mates?

A collection of ducks (who make me laugh hysterically) and the occasional walkers, cyclists and dogs.

My only threat is the occasional seagull who likes to ‘drop’ in for a surprise (“clean up in aisle 5!”) visit.

In Burlington Vermont, just down the hill from a gorgeous historic downtown area, is a relaxing waterfront boardwalk. From the random swings and benches, I can conduct my business, indulge my creativity, and bask in the early morning mix of sunshine and shade.

So…where are YOU working from these days?  Physically, mentally and emotionally?

Are you allowing yourself to get ‘out of your own limited existence’ to explore the scenery, and make it part of your day?

Are you chained to a situation which is stifling you, even squeezing the life and creativity from your soul?

With current technology, we are afforded the opportunity to remove nearly all geographic limitations on us, and explore the world much more deeply as we forge through each day.

Just imagine…

  •       filling out paperwork on a picnic table near a roller coaster
  •       making your calls from the sand of your own spot at the beach
  •       sitting at the top of a local hiking trail, brainstorming new ideas

 Where can today take YOU?

Uh-oh…I gotta go. My Creative Directors (the ducks)  are waking up.

    Judging by all the squawking,

                    this ought to be good.   : )


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