Hey, There’s A Dead Mouse in my Briefcase!

Oh, how I wish I was making this one up….

Yesterday morning, as I was digging for some paperwork in my briefcase, there he (I’ll assume it was a he) was…ugh!

Judging my the level of flat-ness and dead-ness, he’d been there for a while.

Basically, I’ve been carrying this useless piece of extra baggage around for the last few weeks.

After removing the carcass and thoroughly cleaning my briefcase with every bacteria-kiling cleaner under my sink, I wondered: what else am I carrying around unnecessarily?

What is weighing me down, that doesn’t need to be?

As I looked around the office: desk to floor, shelf to pile, I found several more things which I’d either been shuffling around or climbing over…things which are just in my way, not helping me along the way. I even found a few useless things hiding under the piles (no additional mice, thank goodness),

By the end of today, most of them will be gone.

My question for you today: how many dead mice are riding shotgun with you?

How much extra weight are you carrying around?

Can you shed some baggage today, and make your journey less taxing (and sweeter-smelling)?


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