3rd Period, 4th Quarter, Bottom of the 9th!

When the game is on the line, have you ever noticed that some athletes rise to the challenge and seem to play beyond their everyday abilities? They take the raw talent with which they were born and kick it into overdrive in a last-ditch effort for victory.

Several years ago, the Boston Red Sox staged one of the greatest comebacks in major league history. They scored SIX runs in the bottom of the ninth inning to secure a win. In one inning, they did what they’d been unable to do for eight previous innings. It was immediately christened the ‘Mothers Day Miracle”.

So, what part of the game are YOU in right now? Depending upon your choice of sports, it could be the last inning, the third period, the fourth quarter…or perhaps your continued existence is on the line in sudden-death overtime.

Wherever you are, please consider digging deep, and rising above your current performance level. Then, after the game is over, please remind yourself that you can now play at a higher level, and do your best to stay there.

It may require additional training for consistent strength and endurance. It may require better equipment for the long haul.  It may even require better teammates, who can cheer you on and spur you to greater outcomes.

Or, it may simply require a stronger belief in yourself, and the decision to avoid ‘coasting’ on your past accomplishments and glory. 

The game is on…are YOU?

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