Eyes Wide Open…or Shut?

Last week, I posted this question on Facebook: 
“Has anyone really surprised you this week by stepping up to do something unexpected…and really positive?”
The first few answers were simple yet positive: “Yes!”.
After encouraging people to feel free to share their stories, some amazing answers came in: one woman’s husband had taken steps to improve their financial future, a young man had stepped up to fill in as coach for his sister’s soccer team, and a woman had a friend show her another side to a personal hurt.
Sadly, two people replied with very brief yet powerful: “NO, nobody did anything”.
I had to wonder: was this truly the case, or could these people be walking through life with their eyes focused squarely on the tips of their shoes? 
Perhaps there are good people all around them, actually doing good things, but they just don’t see them.
Where are your eyes looking these days? Do you see good things, only bad things, or a mix?
The world is filled by both, and the ones we focus on will have the greatest effect on us.
May you all enjoy this week with eyes wide open, seeing (and accepting) the best that those around us have to offer, and may you be one of those good people, for others.

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