Tin Cup, Skee-Ball and the 50-Point Life-Shots!

I recently spent a couple hours on a lazy Saturday afternoon watching a movie which I love: “Tin Cup”, featuring Kevin Costner.  For those who haven’t seen it, it is the story of a dusty driving-range golf instructor who gets a shot at glory.

At the movie’s climax, he has a (miraculous) chance to tie the leaders at a PGA event by ‘laying up’ and playing it safe. He chooses instead to ‘go for it’, and loses in a gut-wrenching 12-shot 18th hole, costing himself the win…yet gaining immortality in the process.

I’ve been feeling this way in my life lately. 

A few days ago, I  realized why.

During a trip to the beach last week (a 2-day burnout-induced vacation), I spied a Skee-Ball game at a local arcade.  It took only one game to learn a life lesson.

If you’ve got even the slightest momentum, you can survive the game, and maybe even get enough tickets to win a little comb or Chinese handcuffs.

Heck, roll the ball in the right direction and you get 10 points per throw.

I am tired of 10-points at a time.

I want to aim for the 50-point shot this year.

The 50-pointer is the smallest target, yet carries the most value…and very few people can hit it consistently.

I feel like I’ve been limping along lately, settling for 10-pointers by laying back in life…like ‘Tin Cup’ could have done.

He ‘went for it’…and I need to do that as well.

So, it’s back to writing…it’s back to recording new podcasts…it’s back to kicking some butt and filling the speaking schedule.

I may fail, but I am not willing to fail by ‘laying up’ and staying complacent with the rest of the pack.

So, we’re aiming higher, and ‘going for it’ more than ever before.

Hope you enjoy the game as much as I will!


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