When the Rough Winds Blow

As I sit to write this week’s message, I cannot help but think of the thousands of Americans who woke to yet another day amid tornado devastation in the Southeast.   
For them, the first rays of the new sun only serve to remind them of what they knew before yesterday’s sun set: everything is gone.
Everything they worked for…gone.
Far too many human lives…gone.
The most beautiful thing I have seen emerge from the rubble is humanity.
I saw people walking through wreckage-strewn streets, offering food and water to total strangers. I saw people helping carry the wounded in search of medical attention.  I saw the American Red Cross arriving en masse to assist our American brothers and sisters in their most desperate time of need.
It also made me realize that there are rough winds blowing daily all over our nation.
In my own town this week, a home was burned to the ground after a 5am lightning strike. Thankfully, the wife had chosen to accompany her husband on his 4am delivery route.
She never would have survived.
She said so.
Their family, friends and neighbors arrived, en masse, to help them in their time of need.
The most emotional sight for me came the day after the fire. They had placed a large sign on what little remained of their home which read: “We thank you ALL for your love, help and support (Bob & Rita)”.
The lesson: there are opportunities, every day, to step up and help our friends and neighbors, whether they live across the street or across the country.
We all have the opportunity to make even a small difference, every day, wherever and whenever the rough winds blow. 

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