Mother’s Day from Far, Far Away!

The most rewarding things about my job are, without a doubt, the stories shared by those who travel a similar, positive path. While I cannot claim to have changed peoples’ lives (no speaker can, really, without the willingness of the individual to make the journey), it is refreshing to hear when my message resonates and inspires.
On Mother’s Day morning, I received an e-mail from a good friend. She was excited to tell me about her 6-year-old neighbor who asked her for help on Saturday afternoon. This adorable young lady wanted to get a special gift for her Mom (as her Dad is serving our country in Afghanistan).
My friend immediately said yes, and took action.
An inspired shopping trip yielded an 18-rose bouquet and , a Willow Tree figurine which symbolizes love.
The little girl was so excited, she thanked my friend on behalf of herself, her Daddy, her 3-year-old sister and 6-month old brother. She even promised to call my friend on Mother’s Day after surprising their Mom with the gift!
I have to admit this left me speechless (which is tough to do, considering I talk for a living).
Just imagine this wonderful Mom, taking care of 3 kids while her husband is far away protecting our freedom, coming to the kitchen to fix breakfast on HER day, and discovering a sweet-smelling, beautiful gift of love…all because a special young lady wanted her to have a Mother’s Day gift (and she reached out for help).
Movie stars and athletes are idolized for their skills and achievements.
Rock stars are worshipped for the songs they sing.
This little girl, in my opinion, deserves a gold medal in the game of LIFE, for the love she shared with her family, my friend, and now all of you.
She is one of MY heroes now.
I’ve got a feeling that, having felt such a wonderful feeling doing this, she will continue to find ways to share her love with the world over and over again.
How can YOU do something like this?
The sky is the limit, really. Every day that the sun rises, we all have a chance to make the day shine more brightly for someone.
Maybe we just need to look at the world with childlike wonder again, and just ‘want’ to make someone happy, because we want to see them smile.
Are you willing to do that this week?
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