Who Hotwired Your Dreams?

There is an old saying which states that car are ‘meant to be driven and enjoyed, not parked’. Not sure who originally said it, or when it was said. My internet search did not yield accurate info.

For me, our life dreams are much the same.

Do you have brightly-colored, powerful hopes and dreams?

How many of your dreams are sitting in the garage of your mind and heart because you’re afraid to take them out and drive them around?  You may be afraid that your friends will see you driving them…and laugh at you.

You may not think your dreams are street-worthy.

Whatever your reason, this way of thinking is a soul-numbing waste of time and talent.

I know this because I once had a dream which I had safely tucked away my mental garage. When I was 9 years old, I saw the TV show WKRP in Cincinatti, and decided that “I” was going to be on the radio someday. While I did spend a pretty decent amount of time creating ideas for my radio life (music, comedy, etc), it pretty much remained locked in the garage.

It may have stayed there, rotting away, forever.

Problem was, I had actually shared the dream with a couple of people.

Fast-forward to age 24. One day I heard a horn honking at the curb. It was my friend Danny. He kept asking me why I’d never given radio a real shot, and reminded me how much I’d love it.

Essentially, he’d snuck in and hotwired my dream…and was asking if I wanted to go for a ride.  

I finally listened, and attended broadcast school in the Summer of ’92.  A month after graduating, I got my first radio job and drove (in my ‘real’ car) to Danny’s house to share the news.

We laughed. It was good. I was thankful.

I wish the story had a happier ending, but sometimes life doesn’t work that way.

Two weeks later, Danny passed away at age 23. 

While I still miss my friend nearly 19 years later, I smile every time I think back and remember how he snuck into the garage, hotwired my dreams, and showed me just how much fun the ride could be.

That decade-long ride in radio has also led to my own entertainment company, stand-up comedy, 3 books, motivational speaking, a series of CD’s and much, much more to come.

Do YOU have a Danny in YOUR life? Someone who got you to see past a windshield clouded by fear and doubt? If so, can you take a moment this week to reach out and thank that person?

Are YOU that person for others?  Could you become one?

Happy Hotwiring!

If you wish to find more information on Steve Gamlin’s books, CD’s and events, please visit www.InspiredBySteve.com and www.JigsawConsulting.org


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