Airport Joe and the Killer Pothole!

While running a mission of mercy (for mouse traps and work gloves) on Sunday, my journey took a slightly more important turn.

As I rounded a corner, I was greeted by a vehicle in the oncoming lane, stopped dead with its hazard-lights blinking. On the curb was a young man pacing with his cell phone.

As I pulled over and offered to push the car, the shaking of his head told the tale. He’d hit a pothole, and one of his front wheels had been blasted off its connections…this car was going NOWHERE.

No driving. No pushing. No nothing.

His name was Joe, and he’d been on his way to pick up relatives at the airport.

Mission impossible, as it turned out.

While waiting for the police and tow-truck to arrive, it struck me just how much this situation resembles our lives.

This particular road had endured a  tough winter season, and it’s collection of potholes was sure to be wreaking havoc. Little damage, mostly, which might cause a vehicle to lose it’s alignment and wobble a bit, but not stop it in its tracks.

But this one pothole managed to take down a vehicle many times its size. In the grand scheme of the road, it’s not that big…but it got hit, just right, and found a weak spot in the structural integrity of the vehicle.

Every day on the road of life, we get pinballed around by the small bumps.  Once in a while, we hit that ONE thing that stops us cold.

Sometimes we see it coming. Sometimes we don’t.

Either way, we need to know whom we can reach out to when we’re stuck on the side of the road.

Who do YOU call when you are stuck?

Who do you call when the bumpy road of life has got you out of alignment?

Who can call YOU?


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