Are You Pumping Poop or Pool-Water?

My friend Regina is a riot. We’ve got an amazing relationship, mostly due to our shared superpower: we both manage to discover the most ridiculous situations in the world…and immediately call the other to share.

Earlier this week, I slowed down to allow a large truck to exit a driveway. It was a pool-water truck, no doubt hired to help this  family get a quick jump-start on their summer fun.

After a wave of thanks from the driver, I noticed another truck was still parked in front of the home. It was a septic truck (kaka-sucker, poop-pumper, etc).

I had to call Regina.

“What would you say if you saw a pool-water truck and a septic truck in the same driveway?” was my question as she answered her phone.

“They better make sure the right stuff goes in the right place!” was her reply, with a laugh.


Not since the Baby-Ruth-in-the-pool scene from Caddyshack had I thought about how unpleasant confusing these two items could be.

As always, there is a life lesson here.

Pools are meant to be fun. Good stuff happens there.

Septic tanks are where the bad stuff flows…and it’s generally far, far away from the pool.

I prefer to hang by the pool, with the good people (who like to have fun).

I know where the septic tank is.  I know what’s there.  Bad stuff.

While it is necessary, let’s just say I’m in no rush to hang a hammock there, soaking up the breeze.

So…how are YOU spending your days?

Are you pumping out pool-water, creating an atmosphere of positivity, in a place where people like to gather and have fun?

Or are you pumping out poop-water, stinking up the place wherever you go?

When you’re making your way through the world this Summer, make sure you ask yourself, “What am I pumping?”

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