Fore the Love of the Game (and Marshmallows!)

Tuesday heralded a first in my life. 

Not because I spent the day at a golf course. I’ve  been on one before (never played well, but I was there).

Not because I roasted under the early June sun (wow, it was hot, thank you 900-spf sunblock!).  Done that before, too.

Yesterday was unique because I got to witness the farthest drives I’ve ever seen…with golfers smacking the heck out of marshmallows!

My marketing partner asked if I’d be willing to help out and be part of a two-man team at Hole #4: The Marshmallow Drive. Always up for an interesting experience, I said yes.

My Marshmallow teammate was John, a structural engineer. In short time, he determined the proper tee placement, had perfected the “‘lick ’em and stick’em” set-up so they’d stay on the tee, and explained the best club and swing technology (driver, and smack it as hard as you can!).

While I thought the more serious golfers would scoff at this and not wish to waste their time (or expensive clubs) on such a messy bit of foolishness, I was pleasantly surprised to see many of them flip the switch back to a “boys on the playground” mindset. They were having a blast, blasting marshmallows off the tee!

Whatever pressures they typically face in the office on a sunny Tuesday were left behind, as they enjoyed a day in the sun, bragging on their longest drives as I did my part by shagging pulverized marshmallows and measuring for winning drives.

By the way, the mens’ record of 145-feet 6-inches was wayyyyyy beyond what any of us thought was possible. I should call the Kraft marshmallow company!

As exhausted as I was by day’s end, as sticky and discolored as my hands were from picking up marshmallow carcasses…it was a day I will always remember for the FUN we all had!

Is there a wa y for YOU to put come fun into YOUR day?

Could some of the pressures of daily life be reduced by taking even a few minutes to do something as fun as whacking marshmallows with a golf club?

The benefits could be amazing!

Fore!!  (SPLAT!)    : )

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