Hurricane Anna and High-Five Nikki!

It was a cloudy, rainy day on Sunday…unless you were at the Psychic Fair in Nashua NH!
I got to spend the day among some amazing people, most of all my Make-a-Wish NH volunteer ‘family’.
As we assembled our tables near the entrance, the banners went up, the raffle items (thank you to all the vendors for being so generous!) were displayed, the pricing was discussed: $1 for 1 ticket, 6 tickets for $5, and an arms-length for $20 (measured against my gargantuan arm, what a bargain!).
As stormy as it was outside, Mother Nature was no match for our 2 Wish Kids who were in attendance.
They could make the most ‘doom and gloom’ weather reporters shake their heads in disbelief as they showed how quickly the sun can shine on a cloudy day.
Anna was our front-line representative. Hers was the first smiling face greeting attendees as they entered the large room. Her smile never dimmed as she greeted every person, wearing her “Ask Me About My Wish” t-shirt.
Many did.
Anyone who walked into that room griping about the rain quickly forgot about it their damp hair and shirts, as they were greeted by Anna’s confident, shiny delivery.
Once they purchased their share of tickets, they each had a chance for some ‘extra’ luck: a high-five from Anna’s partner in positivity: Nikki.  Nikki was in charge of Make-A-Wish buttons and stars…and high-fives!
The rest of us (the adults) were pretty much relegated to the roles of cardboard cut-outs in the background as Anna and Nikki rocked the spotlight.
We weren’t necessary for productivity. We just stood back…beaming proudly.
You see, Anna and Nikki have both been through the fire. They have both dealt with more challenges in their young lives than many of us will ever have to experience…and they’ve come out smiling on the other side, appreciating all that life has to offer.
And they continue to give back…often!
Anna and Nikki, THANK YOU!
You taught this 43-year-old motivational speaker what life is really all about. You showed up on a cloudy day and brought the sunshine to a room full of ‘big’ people.
How will YOU walk through the world this week?
Can you move others with your smile and message?
Will you be a cheerleader, high-fiving all those who need a boost for luck?
Can you be sunshine for someone’s cloudy day?
P.S. To find out how YOU can help make wishes come true for children with life-threatening illnesses, please visit .
I am sooo glad I did.
To learn about Steve’s Gamlin’s events, books, CD’s and more, please visit 


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