Steve’s Mom ROCKS the MMC Rating!

My Mom’s got a heart so big she needs a wheelbarrow to carry it around.
Her heart beeps when it backs up.
Eclipses happen when Mom’s heart walks into a room!
To a whole bunch of our soldiers Iraq and Afghanistan, she’s the sender of many care-packages.
To the nursing staff at the Veterans Home in Tilton, she’s the baker of many (read: many, many, many) tasty treats.
And now, to the Meals of Wheels program in Manchester NH, she’s “Steve’s Mom, Placer of Biscuits” (we volunteered together last week)!
Every Monday, within 15 minutes of sending this weekly e-newsletter, I find out if I was successful or not.
If I get the highly-valued MMC rating…I win.
By the way, MMC means I was successful “Making Mama Cry”.  
Mom’s a softie, a lovable mush of a kind-hearted woman who is so warm and caring that she’d love to bring every sad-faced puppy home for a warm meal…sad-faced people too!   : )
While we were bagging up Thursday’s cookies for the Meals program, she told me about something that happened to her last week. A lunchtime office-meeting left behind a variety of sandwiches, individually wrapped and untouched.
Mom asked the person in charge if she could share them with homeless people on her way to the bus.
Half an hour later, there she was, on her healthy mission of mercy. She approached several gentlemen and offered the sandwiches.
After thanking her profusely, one of the men (in his mid-30’s, she guessed) asked if he could give her a hug.
With tears in his eyes, he told my Mom that he’d just lost his Mom…and he misses her hugs very much.
While some people shun the homeless, here was my Mom on the streets of Boston embracing a young man who just needed a hug.
I bet that hug warmed his heart much more than the sandwiches filled his stomach.
What can YOU do this week to feed the hearts and souls (and yes, the stomachs) of your fellow human beings?
Thank you Mom, for the example you’ve been setting my entire life. I am very proud to be your son.
I know you’re crying while you read this, and I can’t wait to read your e-mail in a few minutes.
What can you, our readers and friends, do this week to earn the MMC rating in YOUR lives?  
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