Know Your Powers, Give Your Pigs ‘The Bird’!

Me: Hi, my name is Steve.
You (here’s your line): Hi Steve!
Me: And I can’t stop playing Angry Birds…
Wow, what a fun (and severely addictive) game!
In the age of mega-controller games, with full-body sensor-gear, it is so refreshing to play one which sparks flashbacks to my youth (a much simpler time).
One button pretty much controls all the action.
For those not familiar with the game ‘Angry Birds’, here is the basic premise: the player uses a digital slingshot to fling birds at pigs.
Yup, that’s it.
The challenge is figuring out exactly where to strike the protective structures to make them fall, and when to push the button to activate a bird’s special power. 
Having never taken physics, I often revert to the ‘try, try again (and again and again and again)’ approach until I get it right.
As much as I hate to admit it, I occasionally ‘flip the bird’ to the birds when they don’t fly where I want them to.
Much like real life, this game requires patience, tact, skills of observance and more patience.
We each have a special power of our own, did you know that?
Some people are creative, some are influential, some are financially savvy, some are thinkers, some are dreamers.
We just need to know when to activate our special talents to maximize the impact, and wipe out the pigs (i.e. problems) in our lives..
I’ve had the great fortune to be hired as a creative consultant for several major projects recently. 
My job is to brainstorm creative ideas which will breathe fire into the hopes and dreams of my clients.
That’s it. That’s my special power.
I just need to know when to engage it to create maximum impact.
How are your birds flying these days?
Do they remain stuck in the slingshot, never drawn back and launched?
Or just flying into the sky with no rhyme nor reason?
Or are you carefully plotting out your trajectory, letting your birds fly in a flurry of brightly-colored feathers, wiping out all the pigs who stand between you and victory?
Here is my advice for this week: know your powers, visualize your targets, pull back and enjoy the flight!
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One comment

  1. That’s inspiring, Steve, and shows that you can think on your feet.
    Also, as a salesperson, I can say that it shows that you’re concern for your clients (audience)
    is most important to you. Probably more fun that way too.

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