Please Stop PREYing on the PRAYers!

Saturday morning, as my eyes and ears slowly adjusted to a wide-awake world, I realized I’d fallen asleep with the TV on (yes, again).    

As my vision found its way back to 20/20 (or close enough to read the fine-print on the screen), I spied the enthusiastic gesturing of a TV evangelist offering to trade his prayers for my cold, hard cash.
WOW!  For just $273, I’d be planting an electronic seed of forgiveness, just by calling the prayer center with my credit card.
Could fixing my life (and my eventual afterlife) actually be this simple?
When my grandmother was still alive, she loathed the TV preachers who claimed they could heal people (she had cancer), especially as they shook and cried, ran a couple laps to the altar and back, then watched as their crutches and braces were launched with a graceful arc (hallay-looooo-ya!!) onto a pile of other discarded walking implements.  
I laughed (sarcastically) and wondered how people could be so weak and gullible believing in this clown…until I realized that some people in my profession do the exact same thing.
There are certain motivational speakers out there who soak people for money, and then more money, claiming THEY have the golden answers to life and all its riches…as though they offered electronic seeds of potential!
These speakers prey on human weaknesses to parlay a simple introductory exchange of money (the first steps to your NEW life…of being broke, and broken) for a simple seminar (which is quickly upsold to a higher-priced program where the REAL answers are).
Some go so far as to create life-changing ‘extreme’ experiences designed to transform your life into the one you’ve always dreamed of. In October 2009, three people actually died during one of these events. 
Life…over (which is certainly a change, isn’t it?). 
Am I a motivational speaker? Yes.
Do I have books, CD’s and seminars?  Yes, I do.
Have I used the cheap ones to parlay my attendees up a financial ladder to pad my retirement account?
No, I do not.
My goal is to help people improve their own lives, in whatever way that means to them. 
My hope is that people will consider listening to how I have created good things in my own life (after many struggles involved in my own past, present and future), decide (with their OWN hearts and minds) if my message resonates with them, then (and only then) take action on what they feel works for them.
I do not have any ‘secret formulas’ or systems that you have to sell your soul (or childrens’ college fund) to implement.
I do not have ‘THE’ answer to anything.
I simply share things which have helped me to recover from divorce, debt, joblessness, bad relationships, lack of goals and vision, etc.
All I have is a belief that the world would be a better place if people could reach deep inside themselves to learn more about what would make them happy, how they can help their friends and neighbors, and use their energy to work together with the world instead of fighting it at every turn.
That’s it, really.
Someone inspired me to create my life and my message, and now I am sharing it with others.
It doesn’t cost $273.00.
Operators are not standing by.
And I sleep just fine, every night, knowing that I am helping others who are PRAYing for a better life (I’ve been there myself, in tears, on hands and knees), not PREYing on the weaknesses of the desperate.
How can YOU share yourself with the world this week, in a genuine way, to make the world a better place?
To learn more about Steve Gamlin’s speaking events, books, CD’s and more, please visit
You may also find Steve’s latest motivational book “OH YEAH! (Another Quote Book)” available for Kindle at
P.S. In keeping with the theme of this blog, if you only have $5.97 left in your bank account…please do NOT buy my book! That money will be better suited for something else.

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