Boat Anchors and Crap-Dusters…Begone!

Boat Anchors and Crap-Dusters, Begone!
Yesterday I broke tradition. A record-setting tradition of NOT going to the gym ended as I re-entered the hallowed halls of Gold’s Gym in Goffstown. I hope my fellow members have been enjoying the electricity I’ve been paying for all these months. You’re welcome.  : )
In the locker room after my workout, I couldn’t help overhear two men talking about the attitudes and behaviors of some people, how they seem to thrive on being negative.
In this case, it is the wife of one of the men. Apparently, she finds reason to go negative and argue just about anything. My favorite was the argument they had after he made the comment that she argued over everything.
Strike ONE!
Before anyone feels I am attacking women, I most certainly am not. There are plenty of people of each gender who are hell-bent on spreading their special brand of misery in the world each day.
The other gentleman shared an example from his own life. He works at a large company with thousands of employees. Each day as he arrives, he greets co-workers with a ‘good morning’ and a smile. One day a particularly negative co-worker sneered as he spit out “What, do you gotta be best friends with everyone?”
Strike TWO!
After arriving home after my workout, I discovered an e-mail from a friend. She mentioned a few people in her life who seem intent on dragging her down, keeping her from pursuing her dreams. 
She also has a friend (of about 10 years) who is constantly negative (in phone calls and e-mails), and requested my opinion on how to handle her.
Strike THREE!
I suggested she imagine climbing a mountain. These people are like anchors. Much like a boat, you can still move until the slack runs out and yanks you back, as the anchor takes hold and says “See, I told you it wouldn’t work!”.
Some of you may be thinking: these people need me, I am the only person they can trust.
I hear you.  I get it.
Here’s my answer: you are the only person who will still take the time to listen to their garbage and tolerate them.
Now, I’m not talking about the people who are genuinely down on their luck, in need of a helping hand.
I am referring to those people in our lives who consistently spread their special brand of doom and gloom over every horizon they drift into.
They are the small planes who buzz a field and dump manure all over the living, growing things. They are like crop-dusters, but not in a good way.
They are crap-dusters, I guess. 
You cannot climb mountains with anchors tying you down. And it’s tough to grow and flourish with people consistently raining garbage on you.
Got someone in your life who is constantly talking you down, holding you back, and generally draining your happy resources every time they open their mouths?
Why are they still a significant part of your life?
Perhaps it’s time to put pen to paper. Can you think of ten legitimate reasons why you’re still tied to these anchors?
Maybe this is the week you start climbing higher?
I’ve done it, and I can tell you this. The higher you go, the better the view.
And the higher you climb, the less you can hear their grumbling about how you’ll never make it.
You can salute them when you reach the summit!
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