Celebrate Every Victory (even your own)!

Every day, in a corner of the world, someone is crossing a finish line. Someone is winning an award, taking a first step, breaking a barrier that had never been broken (especially the self-limiting ones).

When I took my first unassisted steps and graduated to becoming a toddler, my parents were there.

When I was 9 years old and hit my only home run in Little League, my teammates were there at home plate.

When I did my first radio show, all alone, my boss was there. (Okay, he did not exactly celebrate it as a victory so much as telling me that I “didn’t screw up too badly”, but he said it with a proud smile).

Did any of these victories change the world?

The answer is YES…they changed MY world. And each one was celebrated with those around me.

Somewhere in the world today, perhaps in your circle, a child will read his first book with no mistakes, a new salesperson will score the first big account, or a pilot will complete her first cross-country flight with 300 people on board, delivered safely.

You have an amazing opportunity to be there at the finish line with a big smile, a hug, a high-five or words of congratulations.

What will this accomplish?

It shows your true soul. It shows your pride in the accomplishments of others. It shows you are a person who genuinely cares enough to share in the positive energy created with even the smallest victories and breakthroughs.

Celebrate every victory with the same enthusiasm and conviction that you would use to celebrate your own, and feel the power that comes from it.

If you have completed reading this message…congratulations! I am proud of you. I hope it affects your life in a positive way, and inspires to to celebrate the victory of at least one other person today.

Thank you for being here at the finish line, sharing this journey with me.

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