Being Thankful for EVERY Fan in the Stands!

After a recent conversation with a friend about a famous motivational speaker, I was shocked by what I learned. 

She paid big money to attend a seminar, including a meet-and-greet, where attendees were herded into a roped off area by the speaker’s staff, then informed that they could receive either an autograph or a photograph, but not both.

She also noted that the speaker’s eyes never left the table to engage (or acknowledge) his devoted flock of attendees. 

She then left, very disappointed at the less-than-inspiring attitude of her host. 

If it was the first time I heard such a tale of this particular speaking personality, I’d attribute this behavior to a bad day. 

But it’s not.

People like this make it tougher for me to tell people that I live my life as a motivational speaker.

Fortunately, I have a story I can share about being a positive stage personality. 

I consider myself extremely fortunate, during my radio years and beyond, to have enjoyed sharing time with the band BeatleJuice (featuring vocalist Brad Delp of Boston). Brad was one of the most gentle souls who ever graced any stage on the planet.  

One of Brad’s greatest qualities was his dedication to fans. It was nothing for him to spend over an hour after each show chatting with fans, signing autographs, posing for pictures, giving hugs and creating memories, etc.

I got to see this happen many times, my personal favorite being the Summer of 2001, when I got to introduce Brad and the band in front of 15,000 people for a concert my radio station had created!

Also during the radio days, I got to record a 25-minute interview with him (which was only supposed to last 5 minutes). He was extremely kind, generous and appreciative of his fans. 

Sadly, Brad is no longer with us, but his powerful spirit shines on in those who had the great joy of knowing him. 

Every time I get the opportunity to speak before an audience, or be part of an event…I remember the example set by Brad…and I do my best to share my heart, with authentic appreciation, with everyone I can. 

How can you inject these qualities into YOUR life?  

How can you inspire people around you to breathe in such generosity of spirit?  

How can you show  appreciation to all those who support you?

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