Love It When Friends Help Fan the Flames!

One of things I love most about creating my weekly blogs/newsletters is the feedback I receive each week.  

Within minutes of it being created, my inbox starts filling up with comments. The first one is ALWAYS my Mom (helloooo Mother!), followed by a regular cast of wonderful friends, each offering ideas, comments, etc. 

From last week: 

“Hi, Steve! I saw on CNN, today, the report about the lady who tried swimming from Cuba to Florida. She made it halfway. Although she was disappointed to be done in by her asthma, the article ended with this quote from her: ‘You have to live your life with passion, you show your will, you feel proud of yourself when you go to bed at night.’   

How I needed to be reminded of that. In addition to endless job-hunting, I have to build in time to follow my passion, which is scratch building models of riverboats. ‘Gotta go cut some plastic for some decks! See ya!” 

I love this!!  Here is a friend who was inspired by someone who came up short on a mission, who followed her heart but did not reach goal. This friend could let her lack of current job ruin every minute of every day…but she chooses to inject passion into part of her life in order to keep her hopes and ‘wonder’ going to help get her next employment opportunity. 

Also, we received some very cool feedback after the recent ‘Bucket List’ article (in which my final list item is DIE LAUGHING)! 

Responses included: 

*Be with the love of my life. 

*Ride the rails, preferably in the Canadian Rockies. 

*Learn the art of loafing. 

*Explore more of our magnificent USA.

*Surf in Hawaii

*Take my family across the country in camper trailer.
*Learn to play at least 3 more instruments: Piano, Sax &
  Violin. (have drums & guitar so far).
*Watch each of my children find their passion and go
  at it like nobody’s business.
*Celebrate my 50th Wedding Anniversary. (I’m at 11.5
  now, only 38.5 left to go! Whooo hooo!)
*Take my family to Disney World within 3 years.
*My bucket list is to help people in need and to
  enjoy (including laughter) life.
*To be happy with what I got and flexible to have
  more opportunities without plan because the
  best things I have found are completely
We also heard from a few people who do not have a physical ‘list’ hanging on the fridge, but have wonderful goals on how they treat the world around them, and how they stay true to their hearts. 

To all of you:  I want you to know that you touch my heart every week, and you are greatly appreciated. I could not do all that I get to do without such amazing friends as you all!! 

Thank you for inspiring me to continue what I love to do so much! 

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