These Dragons Have Heart!

While riding the dragon contains a negative, drug-related connotation, and puffing it (thank you Peter, Paul & Mary) may not be much better, I can honestly report that paddling a dragon is a supremely healthy and fun activity which can also help benefit a wonderful cause!

Several weekends ago, I had the honor of joining friends on a dragon boat team at the shore of beautiful Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont. The event was the 6th Annual Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival, organized by DragonHeart Vermont. 

We came in 13th place overall, from a field of 74 boats. For us, it was a major victory!  If my arms weren’t so sore afterward, I could have given more high-five’s. What can I say? I am an out-of-shape former athlete. 

For the DragonHeart Vermont team, every day is a victory.

From their website: The members of Dragonheart Vermont strive to promote breast cancer awareness in our community, to provide hope to other cancer survivors and their families to live each moment fully, and to support our own team members in a spirit of camaraderie and joy. When breast cancer survivors participate in dragon boating, they provide a face to the disease and the statistics. Breast cancer is what brought our team members together. Friendship is what keeps us together. Racing dragon boats is not our point. Our race is against breast cancer.

Sadly, my family has been touched by breast cancer. However, as a participant in this event for the last two years, I have met so many wonderful people who gather, as survivors, that my spirit is raised to amazing heights just being near them.

Their stories are ones of survival. Their love and appreciation of life is remarkable.

It was an honor to be there, speaking with them.

Is there an organization, or event, which celebrates survival and support in your community? Could you share your time or, perhaps, a donation to help them continue to bring goodness to the world?

Your next heart-touching, life-altering moment could be spent paddling a dragon under the sun, with a great big smile on your face and a light in your heart that will never fade away.

To learn more about DragonHeart Vermont, and the wonderful activities they have planned, please visit them at:


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