This Diamond Ring STILL Shines!

One thing I absolutely LOVE in this world is seeing people who enjoy what they have chosen to do in life!

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to emcee and provide music for a local wedding. After nearly 18 years, this  weekend heralded a first: the bride and groom, both lovers of early rock and roll, hired Gary Lewis & The Playboys to play a portion of their reception.

Now in his mid-60’s, Gary is still out there singing and playing with a youthful energy and attitude that could teach some others in the industry how to do it! Just before their performance, we enjoyed a conversation about how, as a motivational speaker, I love being around people who enjoy what they do so much, that the audience enjoys the ride even more by sharing the experience.

I sincerely hope that my audiences see this when I am out there doing my thing, whether it is a keynote speech, a seminar, a business meeting…or even if you see me buying Captain Crunch at the grocery store!

Are YOU allowing the world to see YOUR heart, your soul and your passion each day?


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