Wishes on the Water!

Last Sunday would have been my grandfather’s 90th birthday. Those who have heard me speak may know that he is someone who had MAJOR impact on my life. He lent me $4000 to follow my dream of being in radio (back in ’92), which led to everything I am now enjoying.

When the opportunity arose for this special day, I decided a good way to honor him was to share my time with Make-A-Wish NH as DJ for their Wish Family cruise on Lake Winnipisaukee. WHAT A DAY!

Make-A-Wish, as always, went all-out with prizes, food and fun! Soon after the event began, I spied two adorable youngsters enjoying the music. Reaching into one of many prize boxes, I snagged two brightly colored hats and asked their Mom if it was okay to share. Just look at these adorable faces!!

What an amazing day I got to enjoy. I flashed several smiles skyward to thank Pep for his investment in my life, financially and beyond. He would have really loved seeing so many smiles. We even got some of the ‘big kids’ (adults) in on the hula hoop contest.

The ‘Good Sport of the Day’ award goes to a Yankee fan named Pinky. He’s a big guy with a big heart (even though he’s a Yankee fan), He went head-to-head hula-hooping against young Timmy the Red Sox fan (and Timmy won). You’ve got class, my friend!

How can YOU share your talents with the world?

We ALL have special skills which can add value to others’ lives.

Are you willing to share yours?

You may just amaze yourself!

If you wish to learn more about how you can help
Make-A-Wish, here is their national website. You could change a life forever,
especially your own, by clicking HERE.


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