Conspiring to Inspire…Mission POSSIBLE!

Today I received a phenomenal e-mail.  I get to hear from some pretty wonderful people regularly, and this particular was one of the greats.

A regular reader of my e-newsletters and daily Motivational Firewood  posts asked a favor.  Shes’s got a friend for whom she cares very much. As a gesture of positivity, she wanted to know if she could purchase a copy of latest book “OH YEAH! (Another Quote Book)” and have it autographed with a special message inside, encouraging this friend to stay positive and keep her hopes up.

Wow…I am honored, humbled, inspired, appreciative and touched.

She happened to mention one of this person’s biggest life goals. I will be scouring the internet for the coolest pictures I can find, printing them out, and placing them in the book, matched up with quotes that will (hopefully) keep the fire for this goal burning brightly in her heart and soul.

What an amazing gesture for this person! Imagine having a friend like this who goes wayyyy beyond an e-mail or a phone call.

I could practically hear the Mission Impossible theme in my head the whole time, as she snuck around behind the scenes to secure and transmit the friend’s mailing address.

This is one mission that I will gladly choose to accept!

Conspiring to inspire…OH YEAH!!!!

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