Missions of Mercy…and Mucinex!

This past weekend, Tina and I had plans to visit historic Salem, Massachusetts for a pre-Halloween tour of haunted locations.

After my speech competition with Toastmasters, we were going to head down for dinner and the tour.

As sometimes happens, plans changed.

After several highly-stressful weeks, Tina was running on fumes and not feeling well. Although very disappointed, she chose to remain in Vermont to rest and recover.

After the speech competition in Concord NH, I made a last-minute decision to head to Vermont to surprise her.

It all reminded me of her first winter here, in early 2007. She moved from Florida to Vermont to be closer to me. She’d just moved into a dark lonely apartment, it was cold, and she was sick.

Although she’d told me to stay home, I’m a guy (and don’t always do what I am told). Knowing her only source of entertainment was an old black & white TV/VCR combo (with no remote), my only stop before hitting the wintry highway was Best Buy.

The surprise was nearly on me as I drove all the way there…and there was no answer on her cell phone or to repeated knocks on her door when I arrived.


Finally, she woke up from her cold-medication-enhanced nap and let me in. Despite being self-conscious of her bed-headed appearance, she was very moved and touched by my trip, and my gift made her cry (happy tears).  

As long as I live, I will remember how good it made me feel to conduct this mission of mercy (the gift of Mucinex came an hour later, after she asked me to go to the store for her).

Is there someone for whom YOU could make a special trip (or errand) this week?

It doesn’t need to cost any money whatsoever, the effort is the gift. Know someone who is feeling under the weather?

Perhaps you could take care of a couple small tasks (as long as they promise not to breathe on you)!

Hoping this week is a happy (and healthy) one for you ALL!



  1. The “little things in life” only seem little because we don’t broadcast them. They are the tip of the iceberg – what lies underneath are intimate understanding and intense gratitude. When you go out of your way for someone else it leaves a permanent impression. Thats why they are so valuable!
    I liked your anecdote, Steve

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