The Eternal SMILE Journal!

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Two days before Christmas 2001, I was having a great day.

June 16, 2007 was a day that changed my life forever.

Last Saturday was pretty memorable as well.

How do I remember these things?

I have been keeping journals for close to 20 years.

Still have them all.

These hard-bound treasure chests have captured my life’s Himalayan highs and Grand Canyon lows, stunning victories and catastrophic defeats, heart-swelling loves and heart-stomping breakups.

When I got my first radio job in 1992, I wrote how it made me felt.

When my friend Danny (who had encouraged me to follow my dream of radio) died 2 weeks later, I wrote about it.

What I didn’t realize, at the time, was the TRUE GIFT that I was giving myself.

When we get caught up in day-by-month-by-year-by decade living, we run the risk of forgetting the ‘little’ things which makes us smile or feel ‘real’ emotion each day.

Just this past week, I had an amazing on-line conversation with a fellow DJ (I’ve been part of the industry for 18 years) about the importance of integrity. Just before falling asleep, I jotted in my journal that my spirit soared at discovering someone else who still cares like I do.

Would I remember this in 10 years, on a day that I was losing faith in professionalism?

Not likely.

Now, I can tap back into that emotion anytime I like, whenever I flip through the pages of this year’s journal.

When I mention journaling to others, a commonly hear answer is “I have nothing to write about!”

Sure you do.

Did someone make you smile today? Did you make someone else smile? Did you see something beautiful? Did you hear a song you loved?

Now, before anyone thinks my journal is all sunshine and unicorns, it is not.

I am very honest with things that are happening in my life.

When I was going through my divorce, I wrote in my journal.

When I was $65,000 in debt, with almost no assets, I wrote about it…and then brainstormed and inventoried all the assets I had in my heart and mind to help chip away at that mountain.

There are some days I simply wake up in the morning (verrry earrrrrrly) and write: “Today I am going to make something INCREDIBLE happen!”

That night I will jot at least 3 cool things which happened to me that day.

Recent examples:
1) worked w/Mom at Meals on Wheels
2) booked 3 new speaking events
3) drove to VT to surprise Tina

Don’t think your life has this many moments?

I bet it does.

Would you be willing to write down at least 3 good things from your life each day this week?

It’s a great way to pick yourself back up when things seem cloudy and gray.

Here’s to journaling, the key to the eternal smile!


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