The Eternal Smile Journal…UPDATE!

As much as I absolutely LOVE writing these blogs, my true rewards are received when I hear from readers whose lives have been affected in a positive way. Last week I described the benefits of taking a moment to jot down the rewarding moments of each day in my journal. One of my biggest smiles of this past week was the receipt of the following message from my friend Jessica:

Dear Steve,

I’ve been anxious to share some great news with you (I had to wait and see if it panned out, first! LOL) So, I have this friend, I’ve mentioned her to you before, she’s she one I asked you to send your book to…a seemingly eternal pessimist. But I refuse to give up hope on her, which either makes me valiantly persistant, or just plain foolish, haha.

I was really inspired by your newsletter about journaling, and really loved the idea of writing 3 good things a day, for a week. For MYSELF. But I was hoping I could get her to try it as well. She was adamantly resistant…”there’s no way I have that many consecutive good days. No way. Nope.” It took some convincing, but appealing to her “I never turn down a challenge” side, I was finally able to get through to her. I knew if I could just get her to get a foothold, I could help her.

Yesterday was day 6! : )   We have both been doing the challenging, with great results. It’s a great exercise in, once you start LOOKING for good things, it gets easier and easier to start seeing them.

I can’t change her, and I might never be able to help her get past the notion that she feels she is “broken” and beyond help…but she took a leap of faith this week, and it was successful. I’m hoping she’ll be more willing to take leaps again in the future.

As usual, thank you for the inspiration! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Jessica, THANK YOU!  What a good friend you are. I especially enjoyed how you said you are not trying to ‘change’ her. You are merely asking her to look in a different direction. She can take from it what she wishes.

Thank you VERY much for not only sharing the message, but also sharing these wonderful results with me.

I hope you continue to share these moments with her, and that she will make positive, intentional choices to see the positive.

It’s the kernels in the journals that make up a successful future!  Wink


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