Mother Nature and the Do-It Yourself Neighborhood Recovery Act!

Late-October’s weather was historic. As she occasionally does, Mother Nature crashed the party with some nasty weather. It’s been a long time since she showed up this early in the year but, as far as I am concerned, she won the Halloween Costume Contest by dressing up as a gigantic pain in the butt!

Several million people in the Northeast were without power by Saturday evening and, at the time of this writing, many are on their fourth day in the dark. Work crews from Canada and far-away states are lending a hand. The devastation is everywhere, and they just can’t get to everyone as quickly as they’d like.

We were fortunate in my small town. Although we DID get 24 inches of show (a record), we did not lose power completely.

I am warm. I am comfortable. I am grateful.

I am also touched by the outpouring of neighborly compassion I’ve been hearing about on the news and through the grapevine. Several area schools, while not open for classes, have been converted to makeshift shelters. Gyms have opened their doors to non-members for hot showers. Restaurants have provided warm food to community outreach programs.

This afternoon, an idea came to me. I am planning to buy a portable generator in the near future. I’ve got some amazing friends who have already offered to help. Basically I would like to assemble a team of people and resources, with a mission to adopt a neighborhood or two in the hardest-hit areas.

From the back of a truck and trailer we will go house to house, allowing people to plug into the generator, fire up a kerosene heater, cook hot meals (a good friend is a professional chef/caterer), clean up yard debris for seniors and homes with family members serving in the military…basically I’d like to create a block-party spirit of teamwork and giving so desperately needed at this time.

As a professional speaker (motivation/humor), I cannot imagine a better way to walk my talk. I am all about lifting the spirits of others, providing inspiration to those who need a boost, and hoping to recreate an authentic example of the spirit upon which this country achieved its greatness.

This is not intended as a slam on our government. They’ve already got enough trouble, and cannot move as quickly as they would probably like to, so I am appealing to the masses on this one.

Is there something you can do to reach out? Is there a friend or family member dealing with the cold and dark who would appreciate a hot shower, a warm meal or a compassionate check-in phone call?

If you are still reading this article, which has just eclipsed 450 words, there is something great about you.

I honestly believe that, and I wish you all the best as you continue to grow and share your ‘specialness’ with the world around you.

Together we can make something pretty cool happen, and we can have a heck of a lot of fun and satisfaction (and make many people happy and grateful) in the process.

Thank you all for being part of MY journey. You mean the world to me, and I hope you can understand and accept my heartfelt appreciation.


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