The Who: Rockin’ a Worthy Cause!


The Who2.jpg optimized

While I don’t delve into the news sites very often (too much depressing stuff there!), one weekend headline did catch my attention:

“The Who Launch Teen Cancer Center at LA Hospital”

The two surviving original members of the legendary rock group (once certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the loudest band in the world) are teaming with their rocker friends to make something very special happen.

While Pete Townshend shared a special message via video, Who vocalist Roger Daltrey was on hand with old friend Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin) to announce this project, geared toward creating a special recovery and living area for young people (aged 15 through 25) with cancer.

I say GREAT for them!

While some people are already posting negative comments (seems these people are everywhere), my hat is off to these stars who are shining a bit more brightly for me today.

Just because you have earned millions of dollars doesn’t mean you have to share it.

Just because you have created worldwide fame doesn’t mean you need to lend your name to anything, or ask your friends to help.

Pete and Roger have decided, for their own personal reasons to do this, and I find it inspiring!

Their hearts, and their wallets, are open and in a good place.

While the trolls will continue to post their poison incessantly, blathering on and on about how rich people should help out everyone else, I will sit back and feel great appreciation for Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and the legacy of The Who.

Thank you for sharing nearly five decades of your lives sharing your hearts and souls on-stage before the world, and thank you for continuing to share in this new, very positive way.

My hat is off the The Who!!


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