Leaf Blower + Dog Poop = Trouble!

Saturday morning I decided to help my Dad do some yard work.

Thanks to Mother Nature’s recent early strike of whiteness (24 inches in Dunbarton NH), thousands of leaves and acorns remained trapped on his lawn.

Instead of taking all day to rake (I had to go to work), I thought it would be a good idea to first use his industrial-strength backpack leaf-blower to clear the debris which still littered the lawn.

As the acorns began careening around the yard like Mexican jumping beans, I also noticed some additional ‘tumbleweeds’ swirling around me. After a few near-hits, I shut down the blower to examine the situation. Turns out my Dad’s Springer Spaniel Damon had been implementing his own fertilization project randomly throughout the yard.

While I applaud his initiative, I nearly wore several pieces of it as they flung themselves around me like a monkey-poop-fight-fiesta at the zoo.

How does this relate to life?

Many times, when we decide to go full-force into some new direction, we fail to properly preview the situation, clearing the minefield of possible stinky shrapnel which could derail progress or, at the very least, create an unpleasant situation.

Quite often, the time we spend scraping our shoes could have been avoided by pre-examining the field.

Have you got a big project coming up this week?

Are you willing to take the time to ‘check the field’ before you fire up your engines and plow into action?

Best wishes for you all to come out of this week with new growth and the sweet smell of success!


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