Learn (and Earn) From Your Mistakes!

Have you ever had someone make a mistake which cost you extra money?

Did you roll your eyes at the person’s incompetence, or let out a disgusted sigh as you had to fork over more money to cover the person’s blunder?

When a clerk at a Louisiana convenience store accidentally hit the Power Play option on a lottery ticket purchase, Robert Thibodaux had to quickly decide his reaction.

He happily handed over the additional dollar.

When the numbers were drawn that week, he thought he’d won $200,000 for matching 5 numbers.

And that little boo-boo by the store employee?

Well, that little ‘error’ was a multiplier, meaning that he actually won 5 times his jackpot:


How would you have reacted back at the moment of the mistake?

Are you someone who rips into people for every little mistake?

Or do you realize that every little twist and turn life has to offer could open up to something rewarding?

A wrong turn on a road may lead you to your future dream home.

Attending an event you didn’t really want to attend could lead you to meeting your soul-mate.

An error by a store clerk could make you a millionaire!

I wish you all an enjoyable, enriching week. Please keep your eyes, ears, hearts and minds open to all possibilities!


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