First You REACH for the Stars…Then You FEED Them!

My good friend Brad Lichtman is on a roll. Having been around the food and hospitality industry since his early teens, he appreciates what it takes to be successful…and he DOES it!

Now, as a young professional, when so many young people are trying to get traction for a solid career, Brad is stomping his feet in the dough of life, and the most amazing smells of success are wafting from his kitchen!

To say I enjoy his cooking would be an understatement (here is a before and after of some ribs during a recent photo shoot)


Yes, I was the culprit (and the evidence was all over my face and fingers)!!

Brad and I have had long discussions. He’s a good guy, and has many BIG dreams.

His company, BML Catering, was recently named #1 Caterer by NH Bride Magazine.

He has been invited to several exotic locations to share his style and flavors.

Most recently, he was asked to provide the catering and food service to the crew of the The Food Network (7 meals in 2 1/2 days) while they were in New Hampshire filming an upcoming episode of ‘Restaurant: Impossible!”.

How does Brad get these opportunities? He is out there, EVERY day, working with his clients to ensure he is preparing the best food he can.

He also surrounds himself with only POSITIVE people for his team.

And, at the bottom of it all, he has a big heart and genuinely knows what it takes to build a successful company: he has a good attitude, and takes many positive actions.

See, the world notices these things, and it is responding in a very loud fashion to my friend Brad.

Want to learn more about him? Friend him on Facebook, or visit his website by clicking HERE.

Congratulations Brad!


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