The Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun (and they have coupons)!

For anyone not aware of what can trigger the absolute worst in human behavior: it is not the Occupy Movement, it is not the failure of the government’s Super Committee…it is a Black Friday sale. 

When will these stores learn? Every year, people display more bizarre and violent behavior as they practically kill each other for a limited-supply item which will very likely be back in supply within a week (and will be available on-line as well).

Violent incidents were reported in SEVEN states this weekend!!

In one situation, a woman decided the best way to get an edge over her fellow shoppers was to pepper-spray her competition…idiot.

Elsewhere, a group of thugs decided it would be easier to avoid the in-store crowds by robbing shoppers who were on their way out of the store.  In this case, one robbery victim was shot, while one thief was caught and ‘detained’ until police arrived. I’m generally not one to condone random violence, but I hope the victim’s friends ‘convinced’ that person that robbing them was not a very bright idea.


What the hell is wrong with people? And, anticipating a lack of answer, where the hell is the responsibility of Corporate America?

It is only a matter of time before something very, very bad happens at one of these “let’s get people up in the middle of the night and encourage thousands of them to line up in the hopes of getting one of only a dozen items we actually have in the store” sale events.

Late on Friday evening, I was watching the hit show “The Walking Dead”.

Other than scarier make-up and less screaming, the zombies have very much in common with the Black Friday shoppers.

They do not think of others’ safety or well-being, they only seek to satisfy their pathological hunger for something which is in limited supply.

For the zombies: human brains and flesh.

For shoppers: a bargain.

And neither one seems to care how it accomplishes its goal.

I think I actually respect the zombies more, as they do not know any better!

I wish you all a safe, happy and healthy start to your holiday shopping.

You’ll be finding me beginning my shopping around December 23rd…unless I can get a zombie to do my shopping for me!

Please be kind to each other out there!


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