When Your Career Hits the Wall…Literally!

On any given day, I can readily think of at least three things for which I am thankful (that is a written exercise in my journal several nights a week, actually).

This past Wednesday was no exception.  At 10:16am on November 30th, my career officially hit the wall.

Just over 4 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to present my “Better Speaking, BIGGER Results” seminar to the SSING networking group in Concord NH (at a business called The Office Suite). What an audience! They were energetic, open to my message, appreciative, participatory…everything for which a speaker could ask!

As I exited the building after the event, I commented to the owner that I absolutely LOVED the empowering quotes she had displayed on the wall. They were not just ‘hanging on a hook’, they were actually part of the wall. She commented that perhaps someday one of my quotes could be there. She even asked what my favorite original quote was.

This past Wednesday, as I concluded a morning business meeting, she offered to give a tour of the building to my meeting partner. As we rounded the corner to the back hallway, she exclaimed: “Ta-daaaaah!!”

There on the wall, directly at my eye-height, was the message:

“Just when you think you have nothing left to offer the world…smile!”

Speechless.  Stunned.  Floored.  Happy.  Appreciative.  Moved.  Honored. Touched.


All these words, and more, could be used to describe that moment for me.

003.JPG optimized

For the first time in my nearly seven-year career, something I created had been deemed worthy of riding the same walls as material from Shakespeare, Gandhi and John Lennon.

I can imagine it rolls along the same happy highway as songwriters hearing their song on the radio for the first time, artists whose paintings grace a prestigious exhibit or museum, athletes who score their first points at a professional level, etc.

The excitement of that moment was the perfect ending to a year spent tirelessly working to create bigger successes for my speaking and writing career. It was a year which saw more hours worked, more new speeches created, more meetings, more sessions with my coach and marketing diva…and more success.

Funny how that works, huh?

How has your life hit the wall this year? Have you reached any new heights, personally or professionally? How can you aspire to great achievement and enjoyment for 2012?

Based on the seeds planted in 2011, my goals, hopes and dreams for next year are approaching ludicrous speed (a nod to fans of Spaceballs:The Movie).

In past years, they would have scared me (I’ll be honest, some days they still do…a little) but the excitement of hitting many more walls next year outshines those fears, every time.

Here’s to all of us hitting the wall in 2012!

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