Hammin’ It Up for Happiness!

As I was pondering the topic for this week’s blog, an e-mail arrived and blew me away!

I am still stunned by its message and impact.

My friend “Miss N” sent me the following e-mail (names protected) which she received from a fellow ham radio operator:

Hi Miss N,

I’m sure you don’t remember me but I wanted to drop you a line. You were one of my first (radio) contacts when I was a new Ham. We only spoke for 2 minutes on 7/3/1995 but you made a lasting impression. It was one of the nicest (radio conversations) I’ve ever had.  Your invigorating enthusiasm has lasted in my memory to this very day. I keep your card in a place of honor in my meager shack, actually one of the few that I display. It reminds me of the true meaning of Amateur Radio, and that all Hams aren’t and shouldn’t be grumpy old farts (LOL).

I’ve talked to many Hams over the years and have only met a few of your caliber. Folks like you elevate Amateur Radio from a mere “hobby” to an exciting part of one’s life.
Many, many thanks to you.

I wish you all the best,

WOW!  Can you imagine hearing from someone with whom you shared only TWO minutes of conversation, SIXTEEN years ago…to discover that you’d had such a positive impact on that person’s life?!?!?

It just goes to show how important it is that we put our best face, heart, mind, voice and attitude forth every day.

Here is the message ‘Miss N’ sent me after I congratulated her and asked if I could use this in this week’s message to you all.


I received this email this morning, and it BLEW ME AWAY! Certainly a testimonial to your point that we never know what an impact a small action on our part may have on someone’s life. Of course it’s also a testimonial that I have tried to be a very nice person for a very long time. But seriously… this is what it’s all about.  And to think that 16 years later he also took the time to let me know. This whole thing is just too cool – I had to share it with you!

Miss N
Thank you for sharing this with us all, Miss N.

It is people like you who inspire me!

To our readers, I ask this question:

Can you think back to a conversation, a kind gesture, or anything else from your past which created a positive impact on YOUR life?

Would it be possible to take a moment this week to reach out and thank someone with a phone call, note or even an e-mail?

Perhaps that person is no longer with us. In that case, I’d be willing to bet one of their family members would appreciate hearing about just how much their loved one had impacted your life.

Could you reach out? Will you reach out?

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