Homecoming Princess Beats Back the Bullies!!

In Poway CA, 14-year-old Rachel Sampson was recently named Freshman Homecoming Princess by her peers.

Problem was, she’d never put her name on the ballot. Turns out a couple of bullies added her name to the roster of contestants…as a joke.

You see, Rachel has Asperger’s Syndrome (a form of autism).

Nice job, bullies. Way to go. Hope you’re feeling really awesome about yourselves right now.

Please remember this word: K-A-R-M-A.

According to the news video (http://www.ivillage.com/bullies-joke-backfires-when-teen-wins-homecoming-queen/4-h-403408), Rachel’s fellow students put out the word and her support swelled.

While there have been many studies done on bullying, and the reason it exists, I was happy to see two things happen here: Rachel did NOT take her name off the list, and her fellow students rose up to, as Paul McCartney sang in Hey Jude: “take a sad song, and make it better”.

Without stooping to their level, Rachel’s family and friends beat the bullies by taking away their power.

   They didn’t get to see the little girl with a form of autism be embarrassed or hurt by their prank.

   They can’t sit back and feel almighty because they inflicted pain on someone so they could feel superior.

   They won’t get to high-five each other for picking on someone weaker than they, and getting the best of that person.

What can YOU do to help the victims of bullying?

How can you stand up for the underdog and, with class and dignity, steal the power away from the bullies while fortifying the victims?

It happens every day in our school, on our street and in business.

Is it happening to you?   Or someone you care about?

A message to bullies:

There are more of us than there are of you.

We know you are truly weak people. And we’ve got better weapons.

Please Google ‘Achilles’…and watch out!


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