Bangin’ the Boards With Gratitude…SCORE!!

This morning’s To-Do list started me off on the right foot. After taking a couple of MUCH-needed days away in Vermont, I arrived home just in time to get ready for last night’s Vision Board event.

Here is one of mine, for those who may be unfamiliar:

The evening was fun and eye-opening (my attendees were members of the Manchester Boys & Girls Club’s Keystone program). These teens R-O-C-K!! I learned so much from them, about their goals and backgrounds. For all the badness the media trumpets about teenagers these days, THIS group is on a powerful, positive path. I am so appreciative that they trusted me enough to share their goals, hopes and dreams (and WOW, do they have some cool goals!!).

   In this morning’s mail is a hand-written thank-you card to their director.  Smile

Earlier this week, I enjoyed an amazing phone call with someone whom I have never met. While I cannot reveal details just yet, I can say that my most recent book is being considered for promotion as a Book Club selection for a MAJOR international organization!

   Moments ago, I sent a message to the friend who originally introduced me. Laughing

So, what good things have happened to you lately?

Very few of our life’s successes are 100% home-grown, meaning that someone has a helping hand in our progress. In the game of hockey, it’s often a great pass (or a slight deflection) which sets up a score. In the game’s statistics, these people are often credited with an assist.

   Who is on YOUR team? Who is assisting YOU in your game?

Are you giving these people credit, or thanking them in some way, acknowledging them with a high-five, a wink of an eye or a pat on the back?

Is there someone whom you can thank today with a phone call, or a hand-written message, or a gift?

Sometimes that is all it takes to keep someone out there bangin’ the boards on your behalf, helping you make your next big score!

2012 is all about scoring as many of our goals as possible, and the game has just begun.

   Who is on YOUR assist list?


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