Bowled Over, In a Super Stupor!

With all the disclaimers in broadcasting these days, I feel like I have to open up this article by saying: “I’d like to talk about the (name of sport) team from (upper northeast United States) who played against the (name of team) of (state slightly west of the upper northeast United States) who played (name of sport) in the (trademarked and legally-protected name of that sport’s most important game).

Bottom line, part of my mind is still reeling from the failure of my New England Patriots to defeat Eli Manning and his New York Giants…again.

Almost immediately after the starter’s pistol went off signaling the Patriots first offensive possession, they used to it shoot themselves in the foot. It took only 8 seconds, in one play, for the Pats to be in the hole by two points.


If that was the only gaffe, I could shrug it off more easily. Despite stellar offensive numbers for the year, my hometown team managed to drop several key passes, committed numerous defensive dive-bomb attacks (virtually bouncing off the people they were supposed to wrap and tackle) and missed opportunities to keep play-drives alive.

In the end, while both teams did play hard, it was clear to see that one team wanted it more. They managed to pull magic rabbits out of a hat, and a few miracles out of their butts…to win.

If the Patriots managed to make a dozen stellar plays, the Giants ordered the baker’s dozen, garnishing just one more, to seal the deal for the Lombardi trophy.

How is YOUR game going?

Are you in it to win it? Are you making catches, passes or kicks that make the fans stomp their feet and cheer whenever you take the field? Does your play make your entire organization look great?

Or are you failing to learn the playbook, or not play with heart, failing to create value for your team? Are you the goat who’s blown the big game in your (name of organized activity)?

Please get in the game and play to the best of your ability. Learn from your mistakes, stay in good playing shape and give your team the support it deserves.

Most of all: be a good sport.

Score as often as you can, raise the bar for all (and please don’t trip over it) and gives the fans in the stands the sporting spectacle of a lifetime!

Game on!


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