Million-Dollar Mega-Peers!

Million-Dollar Mega-Peers!

In numerous historical civilizations, as well as a few current ones, the caste system was enacted to keep the  wretched away from the learned, the refuse away from the royalty, the trash away from the treasure.

At the recent Winter Conference of the National Speakers Association, it was quickly apparent that NSA has its own social structure: the ‘All-Star-Cast’ system.

While royalty most certainly exists (one of the first hands I shook belonged to the legendary Brian Tracy), it does not tread barefoot across pillows and cushions being fed grapes. Every table to which I was invited was populated by Certified Speaking Professionals, relative newcomers like myself who are just beginning to make some noise, as well as the Hall of Fame CPAE’s.

I must admit some of my biggest smiles came at the end of long conversations with table-mates when I realized that CSPs and CPAEs were asking ME about my topics, how I got into speaking, my background, etc.

In his exclusive breakout session, thought leader Brendon Burchard addressed us all as peers in his opening moments. While some of us may be taller or get more cheers from the stands, we are all playing on the same field…and I think that attitude rocks!

As I scribbled nugget after nugget into my notebook, I glanced around the room. Speakers, coaches and consultants of all levels were learning from this man. Heck, Brian Tracy (sitting two tables away from me) was taking notes and nodding his head, learning with the rest of us…and he’s a mega-millionaire!

Where are you in your field? Are you among the elite who garner standing ovations from the fans? Do you feel like you somehow snuck onto the field and haven’t really earned your spot on the team yet? Or are you somewhere in between, with a small but loyal following, slowly racking up stats toward a successful career?

No matter where you’re at, please know this: You can always be learning more from your peers… all-stars and rookies alike.

Get in the game, play with your whole heart, hustle hustle hustle…and be the best teammate and peer you can be.

Good luck, my future all-star friends…GAME ON!


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