Letting Your Fingers Do The Talkin’!

Lettin’ Your Fingers Do the Talkin’!

You know the old saying about the cobbler’s kids having no shoes, right?

In my world this week, it transformed into the professional speaker who had no voice.

When you can barely string together a few decent phrases before cracking or falling into gravelly 5-pack-a-day death-rattle, it stinks.

It was all I could do to creak out my outgoing voicemail each day (something I’ve been recording daily for 8+ years).

So what does one do when the most prominent tool in the box gets lost?

One can sit idly by and wait, or one can jump face-first into a hot-water-with-lemon-and-honey wate rfall and coax the talent back.  As if the Incredible Hulk didn’t  already get a mega-dose of gamma radiation to make him that way, my Marvel Comics mug took many spins in the microwave over the last few days.

Something else also struck me. I can get a heck of a lot more work done when I am not on the phone every 10 minutes! More writing, brainstorming, creating, cleaning and organizing got done this week than if  I’d  been in full voice.

How did it all happen?

Last weekend’s scratchy throat became Monday morning’s cough. Monday night’s speaking engagement took its toll and Tuesday evening’s brief presentation at a Friends of Kevin Networking event torched what was left.

Strangely enough on Tuesday, as I struggled to get through, those around me were somehow drawn in and I enjoyed a very interesting response. My ‘close-talking’ networking time (thank you Jerry Seinfeld) felt more effective than usual.

And in the office, once I was forced to stop the gums from flapping, STUFF GOT DONE MORE QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY!

Were YOU operating at full steam this week? Were all of YOUR cylinders firing?

If not, were some of your backup skills able to step up front and center, keeping the party going until the others regained strength?

While this article will not become a podcast for at least a few more days (the honey and lemon express rolls on), I am happy to have written it, and even happier for the reason why.

Just because we’re down, doesn’t mean we’re out. We’ve all been given gifts, not to let them coast by, but to take hold of each one and give it time in the spotlight when the time is right.

When the voice is parked in a special place (for a non blab-a-thon), shut down for repair, it feels pretty good to let the fingers do the talkin’!

Have a great week, my friends!


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