Capturing Magic Moments Forever!

Two weeks ago, I did something I felt I had not done in years: I actually took a week to ‘kick back’ and relax. Other than a couple hours here and there, the last 7 days were spent sleeping late, spending time in the fresh air and being with my sweet, beautiful Tina.

I had to laugh a few times when I saw the clock in the morning as it displayed: 5:00…5:01…5:02. Without reluctance, my eyes voluntarily closed as I smiled (without entrepreneurial guilt, this time) for a few more hours each day.

The week was split evenly between Burlington VT and Dunbarton NH. We went out, we spent time with friends whom we hadn’t seen in months, and we enjoyed some deeee-licious food!

As much as my life is devoted to creating positive messages and following one’s passions (while enjoying life in the process), I must admit that I do not spend enough time allowing my own batteries to recharge.

It is a fact that I have allowed many ‘small’ things to distract me recently. The intricacies of my new website have bogged me down. A new e-book by my canine partner Super Teddy Maximus ( has required a lot of my time. Several upcoming events have absorbed a great deal of my focus as well.

Last week, with all its relaxing, taught me a valuable lesson. Even though this new week means a back-to-the-grind return to busy-ness, I take with me the memories (and lessons) of my downtime.

This photo was taken at the docks on Lake Champlain in Burlington VT. It is one of my favorite places on earth to visit. As an exceptionally-warm late-winter day drew to a close, and clouds began to drift in, I managed to find a second-floor balcony to catch this reflection of the sun.

Even now, as I am preparing for a verrrrry busy week, this photo reminds me to ‘take a pause for the cause’, close my eyes, take a deep breath, and smile a great big smile.

These tiny breaks make a HUGE difference for me.

What keeps YOU going? We are all busy people. Times are tough for many right now.

Amid all the chaos of work, meetings, phone calls, etc., what magic moments make YOU smile?

Are there photos you’ve taken? Or memories that you’ve tattooed on your heart and in your mind?

If not, perhaps THIS is the week that you capture one, keeping it with you for the busy weeks on the hamster wheel?

Please remember that magic moments can happen at any time.

Take a moment, and capture them forever!


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