Do YOUR Spokes Make the Wheel Wobble?

While taking a break from power-washing the green slime off our back patio (much better than burgers with pink slime, right?), my Dad and I were having a great conversation about people and their work ethics.

According to, it is defined as: a belief in the moral benefit and importance of work and its inherent ability to strengthen character.

He was brought up, in my eyes, a blue-collar superstar. Dad was taught to place great value on working hard and providing adequate effort, at the very minimum, for the compensation one receives. Taking pride in one’s work is KING in his world. In addition, doing one’s best to create a safe and positive environment for co-workers is also a key ingredient.

He works as a carpenter, so this last part means: clean up after yourself, make the work area safe for the next guy, never skimp on quality, don’t cut corners saying ‘close enough’, etc.

You don’t have to look over your shoulder when you operate from a rock-solid work ethic, in our book.

I remember, back in my radio days, asking a less-than-inspired team member if he could just ‘act like he gave a crap’ and give me the effort we were paying him for. He’d managed to amass a record-setting 3-month streak falling short of expectations by leaving early each day and not doing adequate prep work for his airshift.

Lucky for me, this person couldn’t even spell HR, so I didn’t get nailed for my comment.

We are all part of a wheel.

Some people get to be hubs (leaders, management), and the rest of us are spokes. This applies for so many  parts of our world. Every country’s government is a hub and all representatives and citizens are spokes. It also applies to families and local communities.

The effort put forth by every person determines how smoothly the wheel rolls.

I like to think of the lazy, unethical, immoral, detached and otherwise disengaged people as crooked spokes. They are there, still attached, but their sole purpose seems to be to cause the wheel to wobble, shaking the entire structure as it tries to roll.

Have you ever driven a car, or ridden a bike, which is in bad need of a wheel alignment?

Are some of the spokes in YOUR wheel causing your life, family or company to wobble a bit these days?

They can be replaced, you know.

I’ve discovered that a missing spoke can cause far less damage than a crooked one.

All the other spokes can be adjusted to pick up the slack, keeping the wheel rolling smoothly.

Sometimes it is the HUB which causes the wobbling. In cases such as this, a spoke can choose to leave that wheel and find a better one (leave a marriage, change jobs, move to a different community, etc.).

Do YOU need to replace one or two spokes from YOUR life, or start with a brand new hub?

Please give some thought to how YOUR wheel is rolling this week.

Wishing you smooth roads and a happy alignment!


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