Tectonic Shock Absorbers, Please…’Cuz the Earth is Rockin’!

If I learned anything from 8th grade science class, it is this: the Earth’s surface is unstable at best, consisting of a series of tectonic plates which are constantly shifting.

When they get a little too friendly with each other, we get earthquakes.

In a time reeking of bad news in the news, I’ve been digging ever deeper to find reasons to celebrate the human spirit and all its wonder. Social media has been essential tool in my quest to discover my brothers and sisters in positivity throughout the world.

Several days ago, one of them showed up. There is a gentleman named Rich Proctor who dwells on West Coast USA. I am comfortably ensconced here in New England. One positive quote on Facebook led to a like, a comment…and then a volley of increasingly positive, supportive messages.

After daily deluges of negativity in the headlines, it was a welcome bright light in my day. In one of our final messages of the conversation, I commented that if we kept up the foot-stomping on our respective coasts, the country would split in half somewhere around Des Moines!

You see, WE are just like the tectonic plates. When we find other plates out there like ourselves, and our energy slams together, we create earth-shaking (and LIFE-shaking) moments which can change a day in an instant. And the best part, the aftershocks can keep us rockin’ forever!  Image

From Rich Proctor: It’s so true, we are like little tectonic plates. And we go around, and for better or for worse, affect all of the other little tectonic plates around us. I just want to make sure the aftershocks I cause are good ones and that I am aligning myself with like-minded plates. Because let’s face it, two like-minded plates working together create twice the havoc that one all by itself does. And I’m proud to be aligned with one such as you. Let’s keep it rockin’!

Are you stuck out in the middle of nowhere these days?  Seemingly alone, nobody else with whom to collide positively?

Would YOU be willing to stomp your feet and making joyful noise, seeking out positive people just like yourself to set up a chain reaction?

There is power in the plates.

It’s a Tectonic Takedown of the world’s negativity…shake it up!!


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